Place of Origin:Northlands
Weapon: Spear, then Cutlass after the death of Burrad
Death: Mutual kill with Dargle
Appears: Loamhedge

Skrodd was a tall male fox warrior in the weasel Burrad's band. After accidentally skewering Burrad, Skrodd became the new chieftain of the group.

It wasn't long however, until his authority was challenged by Dargle. Suspicious of the rat, Skrodd assigned the runty fox Badredd to protect him, saying that, "we foxes need to stick together."

In the middle of the night, Dargle sneaked up on Skrodd and stabbed him with his spear, but Skrodd used his last dying breath to grab his nearby sword and slash at Dargle's head. He severed the rat's neck and they both died on top of one another. Badredd later claimed to have killed them both, and used this to position himself as the new leader of the group.