Skulka and Gromal

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Death: Killed by the Long Patrol
Appears: The Long Patrol

Skulka was a female ferret, and part of the Rapscallion army. During a storm, her ship was blown off course and crashed on the northwest shore.

Skulka, along with another ferret named Gromal, happened to come across Tammo, and the two of them decided to steal his belongings and provisions.

Skulka kept an arrow pointed at Tammo, while Gromal attempted to steal Tammo's belongings, but the two ferrets were caught by a surprise attack from Russa Nodrey, and were defeated. Russa would have killed the two ferrets if not for Tammo, who asked Russa to spare their lives.

Skulka and Gromal went to attack Tammo and Russa later that night, but she ran away after Russa killed Gromal.

Skulka attacked Tammo and Russa once more, this time with the rest of her crew. They surrounded the two travelers, but were driven off by Major Perigord and Corporal Rubbadub.

She was eventually killed by Major Perigord's detachment of the Long Patrol.