Species:Sea Otter
Place of Origin:Riftgard
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Sleeve was a young sea otter maid, a slave at Riftgard, and a friend of Triss and Drufo. Sleeve was born and raised in Riftgard Fortress, having no memory but that of hardship and cruelty under the rule of the Pure Ferrets. Her parents were also slaves at Riftgard, but they died when she was young.

When Triss and her friends escaped Riftguard, Sleeve assisted in the small slave uprising intended to cause a distraction; this bought the runaways enough time to sail away. Later, Triss returned with a full crew of goodbeasts, and proceeded to liberate the slaves; during the conflict, Sleeve was nearly slain by a Ratguard, but was rescued by Kroova Wavedog, whom she later married. She and Kroova also adopted Freedom, an abandoned mousebabe, as their own child.

Sleeve was the author of the account detailing the overthrowing of the Pure Ferrets' regime; she entrusted her writings to Skipper of Otters, who took them back to Redwall with him.


  • Sleeve was taught to write by Drufo.