The sling is a ranged weapon used for throwing projectiles. It is made up of either two cords attached to each end of a pouch, where the projectile is placed, or a long, thin strip of strong material with the projectile couched in the middle. This set-up allows a projectile to be thrown much farther than it could be thrown by hand. A sling with a pebble locked inside can also be used like a club at close range, a tactical method used by many in the battle of The Ridge of a Thousand. Trajidia Witherspyk also notably put one to such use in the battle against the Ravager army, as did Janglur Swifteye in his duel against Gelltor.

The sling was not commonly used in defense of Redwall Abbey, due to its reduced accuracy from a distance. However, for small parties going out, it was an excellent weapon. Earlier slingers were otter warriors on the assault on Kotir. Martin the Warrior and his companions also used slings infrequently. The Long Patrol also has been known to use them occasionally, throughout the series. Furthermore, the tribe of Jukka the Sling used them as their primary weapons, as did the Otterclans of Green Isle.

Slings have remained popular weapons throughout the series, with one of the more distinguished users being Matthias. The best slinger in the Redwall universe, however, was unquestionably Tiria Wildlough, who could sling with astonishing distance and accuracy. She used to carry a sling known as Wuppit, but abandoned it for her second sling, made by the Badger Lord Mandoral Highpeak, who used the skin of a shark to fabricate the weapon and give it better grip.

The typical projectile for a sling is a rock, but it can be used to throw any reasonably round, hard object and creatures have been creative throughout the series in finding alternate missiles. Some of the more interesting have been an iron star (Tiria Wildlough), Pepper Bombs (Toran Widegirth and his companions), and pine cones (the Coneslingers).

Famous Sling Users