These two crews of searats were led by Slipp and Strapp, two searat brothers. They had two ships: the Pearl Queen, Slipp's ship (which had originally belonged to the sea otter Finnbarr Galedeep) as well as the Shalloo, Strapp's vessel.

Slipp was the stronger of the brothers, but Strapp was the most eloquent and the crews usually sided with him. While both crews were aboard the Shalloo, a band of Redwallers, as well as some shrews and the sea otter Finnbarr, boarded the Pearl Queen and took her back. Strapp and the Shalloo took chase, leaving Slipp and Blaggut behind. Through a clever trick of Finnbarr's, Strapp and both searat crews were drowned in the Green Maelstrom.

Meanwhile, Slipp and Blaggut found their way into Redwall Abbey. Blaggut made friends with two Dibbuns, the mousebabe and Furrtil molemaid, and became a grey character. Slipp, however, was intent on taking treasure from the Abbey; he stole a golden chalice and slew Mother Mellus, the Abbey's Badger Mother. Blaggut, seeing the evil in his Captain, slew Slipp soon after and set up home near the sea, often visiting the Abbey.



Slipp and Strapp's Crews appear in The Bellmaker.

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