Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Cutlass, Dagger, and at one point Plugg Firetail's Axe
Death: Beheaded by Princess Kurda
Appears: Triss

A thin, gap-toothed weasel, Slitfang was the first mate aboard the Seascab. He was armed with a cutlass and a dagger and, along with Grubbage the bosun and Tazzin the assassin knife-thrower, belonged to Captain Plugg Firetail's inner circle of command.

Slitfang accompanied his crew to Mossflower Woods, and led the scouting group of corsairs who temporarily captured Sagaxus, Scarum and Kroova Wavedog, though he lost a tooth in the process. Later on, he saved the life of Captain Plugg, whom Princess Kurda would have shot, had not Slitfang threatened to kill her with an axe. He also held up the group when Plugg received a bad wound to the hindquarters, refusing to go on with the search for the escaped prisoners until the fox was sufficiently recovered.

In the attack on Redwall Abbey, Slitfang's back was badly burned by a cauldron of boiling oatmeal the Redwallers dumped on him. After Plugg was killed, the weasel overheard Kurda and her Slavecatcher discussing plans to take over the demoralized Seascab crew and use them to fight off a trio of adders. When Kurda attempted to bring the plan to fruition, Slitfang openly challenged her authority, and was heartily backed by the Freebooters. After an argument, Kurda appeared to give in, and held out her paw to shake. Slitfang shook her paw and let down his guard, resulting in his getting his own paw lopped off -- along with his head -- by the treacherous princess.

Slitfang was unique among vermin second-in-commands because of his fierce loyalty to Plugg. He openly stood up to Kurda in defense of his Captain twice, although both times Slitfang could have quite easily taken the opportunity to be rid of both Kurda and Plugg, and usurp the position of Captain of the Seascab.