Snaggs' Gang was a group of young vermin lead by an old fox, Snaggs. They resided in a cave near the coast of Mossflower Woods and captured beasts to use as servants, killing them if they tried to get away.

Snaggs's Gang slew Posybud's parents and took the young hogmaid prisoner; later, they captured Uggo Wiltud as well. The two hedgehogs tried to talk Snaggs into letting them go fishing one morning; the fox agreed, but sent Jonder and Wigga with them, to ensure that they didn't escape. The duo waded far out into the sea, where their nervous vermin captors were loath to enter; spotting Jum Gurdy's makeshift logboat, they made a run for it and managed to get away. Wigga swam after them, but was slain by four Whoomers, who had come along to help Jum. Jonder roused the rest of the band, and they tried to drive off the Whoomers, but they failed in this attempt.

Known Members


Snaggs' Gang appears in The Rogue Crew.

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