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Katie Sullivan, old photo

Snowfur, (also known as Scarlet, KatieScarlet, and Skarlette) is the founder of Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia, and a writing enthusiast.


Snowfur is the ROC nickname for Katie Sullivan, a lifelong Wisconsin resident. She was born in 1979.


  • High school (1998)
  • University of Wisconsin, BA English Literature (2003)


Katie had question 53 in's Ask Brian Volume 2 series, and question 122 in Volume 3.

  • In Redwall, the ferret Killconey in Cluny's army is sometimes referred to as a "he" and other times as a "she." (At least, that's the way in the American edition.) Which gender did you intend for Killconey to be?
Killconey is a male character. It is a typesetting error which I have requested correction on, but which never seems to get done
No, the producers will choose the actors for the voices, and I am afraid they coudn't get 20 English actors the way we did, but I am sure that the voices will be well done.

Additionally, Katie participated in Brian Jacques' 1999 online chat.

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