Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia


Lead Administrator:Snowfur
Foundation:May 18, 1997
Cessation: June 25, 2008
Main Language:English
Type of Site:Information
Most Recent URL

Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia was an integral part of the Redwall Online Community from May 18, 1997 until June 25, 2008. Originally hosted at, the website founded by Snowfur was known for listing almost every Redwall character with a one to two phrase description up through the novel Loamhedge. The Encyclopedia also listed various Redwall information, character images, and several book covers. Snowfur also had fan art and writings, including her once prominent 'Mossflower Talk', a Redwall talk show.


After residing at the domain for 5 years, Snowfur moved the site to on October 5, 2003. After 2003, the Encylopedia stopped being regularly updated. In an announcement on June 25, 2008, Snowfur officially retired the Redwall Encyclopedia.

Faces of Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia

Various looks of the Encyclopedia:

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