The Southsward Holt of Otters consisted of a group of otters who lived in the Southsward streams. These otters were loyal to Gael Squirrelking, his wife Queen Serena and their son Truffen. When the squirrelqueen and her son succeeded in escaping Castle Floret, where they were held prisoners by Urgan Nagru and his horderats, the holt of otters rushed to their rescue by carrying them as far away from the rats as possible through the streams of Southsward. Their help was particularly useful in protecting the squirrels from the terrible Dirgecallers.

Their leader, Rab Streambattle and the badger Muta fought some of Nagru's horde, and were assumed to be dead. However, they were not, and returned to fight.

During the Battle of Southsward, the holt of otters, a hundred strong, was led by Blerun Downriver and joined the crew of the Pearl Queen in the final stages of the struggle.

Known Members of the Holt


The Southsward Holt of Otters appears in The Bellmaker.

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