The spear is a weapon consisting of a spearhead made of stone or metal attached to a pole. A spear can strike from a longer distance than a sword, and the training of a spearman is considerably easier than that of a swordsman.

Spears are used in Redwall by heroes and villains alike, with some of the most fearsome users being the Blackrobe Rats. Their spears were (as Basil Stag Hare put it) "Not the throwin' type, you understand, more like your jolly old stabber." The spears used by the rats also were very short, meaning that they had to be used within a short distance of their target. Despite these limitations, the Blackrobe's spears cut down many of the Guosim.

Other spears used by characters ranged from the gigantic spear with two enormous crosstrees used by Urthstripe the Strong to the much smaller spear used by Bragoon. One of the more unusual cases of death by a spear was when Riftun's spear was struck by lightning, which traveled through the unfortunate rat's body and killed him.

Types of Spear

  • Pike; a very long spear
  • Lance; a spear normally used for stabbing and slashing
  • Javelin; a spear primarily used for throwing and thrusting

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