Squirrelking Araltum

Araltum & Idga
Araltum with his wife Idga

Place of Origin:A grove of trees near Salamandastron
Death: Unknown
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Araltum was a haughty and pompous squirrel styling himself "Squirrelking" over a band of squirrels native to a small grove of trees two leagues west from Salamandastron. He had a wife called Idga, upon whom Araltum bestowed the title "Drayqueen". They had a son named Roopert, upon whom they bestowed the title "The Crown Prince". All three were extremely fat, lazy and selfish. Araltum gathered power mainly by hiring mercenaries. He would use feasts and shows of generosity to entice these traveling warriors to pledge their blades to him with and then refuse to release them from his service even after they saw him and his family for the arrogant, self-centered creatures they really were. It was to Araltum that Rakkety Tam MacBurl and Wild Doogy Plumm pledged their blades when they came south from the Northlands.

While on a march around the perimeter of Araltum's groves, the royal party was ambushed by Gulo the Savage and his horde. Although 27 squirrels were killed, all Araltum and Idga cared about was the fact that Gulo had stolen their Royal Banner. Araltum made an agreement with Rakkety Tam and Doogy: if they were to bring back the Royal Banner, they would be released from service.

Upon Tam and Doogy's return with the banner, Araltum seemed at first reluctant to relinquish their freedom, but was forced into it. His crown was taken away and he was ordered to live with his squirrels as equals.