Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Cutlass
Death: Drowned in the Green Maelstrom
Appears: The Bellmaker

Strapp was a searat, and the brother of Slipp as well as captain of the Shalloo. Though smaller than his brother, Strapp was more persuasive, and had the majority of both brothers' crews on his side. After convincing both sides to sail south, Strapp invited the crews aboard the Shalloo to celebrate, unaware that Finnbarr Galedeep was planning on scuttling it. Hearing noise from outside, Strapp sent a few sentries on deck to investigate. Seeing the sea otter, they chased him off, only to discover that a group of woodlanders were stealing Slipp's ship, the Pearl Queen. Strapp had always fancied the Pearl Queen as his own ship, and set sail after it, leaving Slipp on the beach. Strapp nearly intercepted the Pearl Queen, but due to the nautical prowess of Finnbarr, the Shalloo was sent toppling into a gigantic whirlpool called the Green Maelstrom, destroying the Shalloo and drowning every searat on board.