Distinguishing Features:Large loghouse in the middle, large mast with sail reading "Witherspyk Performing players"
Captain(s):Oakheart Witherspyk
Appears in:The Sable Quean

The Streamlass was a single-sailed raft that was home of the Witherspyk Performing Players, which was commandeered and steered by the leader of the players, Oakheart Witherspyk. In the center of the raft was a large blockhouse made of logs.

Oakheart fell asleep at the tiller and subsequently ran the ship aground one day, but it was freed from the rocks where it was trapped by Jango Bigboat and his Guosim. The Witherspyk hogs then sailed with the Guosim to a watermeadow, and journeyed from there to Redwall on foot. As Abbess Marjoram mentions later in the book that the Witherspyk players are staying at Redwall as permanent residents, it is unknown what became of the raft after this point.

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