Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear, Sling, and Dagger
Death: Killed by Log-a-Log Osbil
Appears: Eulalia!

Stringle was Gruntan Kurdly's second-in-command and only officer in the Brownrat horde. His role was usually to lead the Brownrats into battle, while Kurdly stayed in the back. This was the case during the Brownrats' chase after Log-a-Log Luglug's Guosim shrews in an attempt to steal their logboats; ergo, it was Stringle who was responsible for Luglug's death - the shrew chieftain was shot by arrows when he tried to rescue the shrewbabe Yik. Log-a-Log Osbil, Luglug's son, swore revenge upon Stringle for this act.

Later, Kurdly sent Stringle and most of the horde out to chase after Vizka Longtooth and his Sea Raiders. In the process of doing this they managed to trap Gorath the Flame, Salixa, and several shrews and otters atop a rock plateau. Wanting to obey Kurdly's orders to bring back the two badgers' heads on a pike, Stringle besieged this plateau. Soon afterwards, Vizka returned and offered to join forces with Stringle in order to attack the badgers and Guosim. Stringle deliberated, waiting on word from his boss Kurdly (not knowing that by this time, the latter had been slain by a swan). While the rat paced about the foot of the plateau, Osbil spotted his opportunity for vengeance and slew Stringle with a single arrow between the eyes. Leaderless, the Brownrats were left with no choice, but to follow Vizka.