Distinguishing Features:Light-weight
Captain(s):Riverhead tribe
Appears in:Marlfox

The Swallow was a boat belonging to the Riverhead tribe of watervoles. It was a community boat, owned by all the members of the tribe. It had sleek sides, a pointed bow, a butted stern, and its sides shone from the coats of pine resin on it, which had patterns and symbols painted beneath it in colored dyes. The Swallow was very light and seemed to fly over the surface of the water, rather than sail on it (hence its name).

The Gray One agreed to trade Songbreeze her Leafwood for it, but he didn't actually have the authority to do so, as the boat belonged to the entire tribe. The Gray One told his tribe he traded for his own boat, so Song, Dann, and Dippler ended up having to steal it.

The boat was nearly destroyed after sailing, with no crew, through a cave, down river, and out of a mountain. It was then found and repaired by Gawjo and his hedgehogs.

After freeing the slaves and retrieving the Tapestry, the Swallow was returned to the Riverhead tribe by Burble.

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