A swan

Swans are birds with no speech other than hissing and screeching. Occasionally travelers come upon swans in ponds, lakes or rivers. Several vermin have been killed by swans, but no other woodlanders are recorded to have died, though several have been injured. Swans are described as beautiful creatures, even when angry. They are notoriously difficult to slay; none have been reportedly killed in any of the books in which they are featured.


In Mossflower, an angry male swan killed Scratch while defending his mate and eggs.

The Legend of Luke

In The Legend of Luke, a male swan defended his family and a stream in the marshland against Martin the Warrior and his friends.


In Eulalia!, Gruntan Kurdly's greed for eggs overcame him, and he was killed when he attempted to raid a swan's nest.


Swans appear in Mossflower, The Legend of Luke and Eulalia!.

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