For other uses, see Taggerung (disambiguation).

The Taggerung is a legend amongst the Juska and other woodlanders. The Taggerung is said to be one of the most fearsome and powerful warriors in all the world. To become a Taggerung, one must slay a Taggerung, or be so named by a seer. Grissoul the Seer said also that the Taggerung would bear a mark, in Deyna's case a birthmark in the shape of a speedwell.


  • Sawney Rath's father (Un-named, no other information known)
  • Deyna
  • Ruggan Bor (Although he believed he had become Taggerung after murdering Gruven Zann and assuming the title, he had actually become one through a prophecy of Grissoul's that stated whoever slew Sawney Rath's killer would be Taggerung; Rath was killed by Antigra, who was slain by Bor after plotting against him)


  • Gruven Zann (Through a web of lies he attempted to take on the title of Taggerung)


The Taggerung appears in Taggerung.

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