A group of huge, Tall Rocks in the far north of the western coast, this deadly hazard spelled death to any ship unlucky enough to hit them. Even the powerful Goreleech was splintered in two as it crashed upon the rocks. Before the tragic event transpired, Vilu Daskar felt fear for the first time at the sight of it.

After the Goreleech crashed it was split into two halves and one side was pinned between two rocks. The survivors of the crash, Dulam, Denno, Beau, and Vurg dubbed the halved pink ship the Arfship, and lived there for many seasons. Later, Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief, Trimp the Rover, and Dinny came and brought them to Redwall Abbey. Martin never returned there afterwards.


Arfship in the Tall Rocks


The Tall Rocks appear in The Legend of Luke.

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