Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Crushed between Matthias and Methuselah Bells
Appears: Doomwyte

Tarul was one of Korvus Skurr's RavenWytes and the brother of Frang, Purz, and Murig.

Tarul took part in the nocturnal assault on Redwall Abbey, with the aim of taking a Dibbun hostage. When this failed, Tarul did not retreat with the others, but instead hid himself in the Bell Tower, waiting for an opportunity to complete the mission. It turned out not to be the best of hiding places; every time Umfry Spikkle rang the bells, Tarul was given enormous headaches.

One day, Furff and a very tiny mousebabe went alone to the bell tower to ring the bells; they were not strong enough, and struggled with the ropes for some time. Tarul saw his chance of taking a captive and prepared to swoop down on them; just as he leaned outward, Sister Violet arrived suddenly and helped ring the bells. The rims struck the raven's outstretched head, killing him instantly.

His body fell from the bell tower, and was later thrown in the ditch outside of the Abbey to be eaten by Baliss.