Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Knives for throwing, Stilleto
Death: Unknown
Appears: Triss

Tazzin was a female weasel in the crew of the Seascab under Plugg Firetail. She was described as a "stone-cold killer," and had a certain prowess for throwing knives; accordingly, Plugg used her as an assassin. During the voyage to Mossflower, she expressed her dislike for rat Captain Riftun, saying that she would like to kill him.

Later, she was part of the expedition led by Slitfang, in which she and her fellow Freebooters captured Kroova Wavedog, Scarum and Sagax. She was ordered to slay them, and would have done so had not Scarum proved to be too entertaining and "eddicatted" to slay. The night after this raid, escaped slaves Triss and Shogg stole up on Tazzin while she was sleeping, knocked her unconscious, pilfered two of her knives, and freed the prisoners.

After the deaths of Slitfang and Plugg, Tazzin became a sort of unofficial leader of the remaining Freebooters. Her death is unknown, but she was presumably killed in a battle against the Redwallers.