The Tears of All Oceans were pearls from Lutra's holt. They were six in number, perfectly spherical and rosy-pink in color, enclosed in a scallop-shell case. They were the object of many corsairs' greed. The Tears were first stolen by Conva from Holt Lutra with the intent of being brought back to Ublaz Mad Eyes, who wanted them set in his crown. They were then stolen by Graylunk and Flairnose, two weasels from Conva's crew, who fought over them. Flairnose was killed and Graylunk later died of a head wound outside the walls of Redwall Abbey. Before his death Graylunk gave the pearls to the old squirrel Fermald, as a token of friendship. Fermald was a wise and clever beast and did not wish anybeast to get hold of the pearls, knowing they could attract the greed of evil creatures and endanger the safety of the Abbey dwellers. Thus, she hid the pearls separately throughout the Abbey, and attached to each pearl a difficult clue to the location of the next pearl.

The Tears of all Oceans were eventually found by Tansy, Rollo, Craklyn and Piknim. Lask Frildur wanted to obtain them as ransom for the return of Durral and Viola Bankvole who had been captured by Ublaz's Corsairs. However, after both Durral and Viola had been rescued, Tansy threw the Tears into the ocean where they could cause no more greed and violence in anybeast.

Hiding Places

The Tears were hidden throughout the Abbey in the following places:

  • Originally in the nest of a house martin. It was stolen by jackdaws and found in St. Ninian's Church.
  • A crack in an Abbey Wall (the home of a Mason Bee).


The Tears of All Oceans appear in Pearls of Lutra.

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