Badger & the Bell

The Badger and Bell Rocks are two large rocks shaped by nature like a bell and a badger's head. They stand close to a large gorge, near the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey on the Southern Plateau. Near the rocks towers the Lord of Mossflower, an enormous tree whose shadow points the way to Loamhedge.

The Badger and the Bell rocks were indicated in the Top Crow's Riddle and its accompanying map. They were seen by Matthias, Mattimeo and their friends when the young ones were captured by Slagar the Cruel and brought to Malkariss. Later, they were recognized by Bragoon and Sarobando from the records of Tim Churchmouse while on the journey to Loamhedge.


The Badger and the Bell appear in Mattimeo and Loamhedge.


In the books Mattimeo and Loamhedge, the rocks are located on the far side of the The Abyss from Mossflower Woods. The map in Mattimeo agrees with this account, while strangely, the one in Loamhedge has the rocks on the opposite side.

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