The Great Eric Ackroyd Disaster was a musical play by Bill Tidy which featured music by Brian Jacques.

It was adapted from a comedic story written and illustrated by Tidy, first published in 1976 by Hutchinson.

The play was produced in 1983 at the Coliseum Theatre in Oldham, and was directed by Pat Trueman. One of the production dates is believed to be May 14, 1983.


  • Keith Clifford
  • Barbara Rosenblat
  • Malcolm Hebden
  • John McArdle
  • Peter Alexander


  • Writer: Bill Tidy
  • Director: Pat Trueman
  • Music/Score: Brian Jacques


At Grindlays Smoke Works in Badchester, the people are known for their coughing. However, Eric accidentally purifies the air and renders the area cough-less, and he is forced to flee to London.


This play is known for its coughing choir/chorus.

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