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The Mushroom Folk Sampler LP

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The Mushroom Folk Sampler LP front cover


The Mushroom Folk Sampler LP back cover

The Mushroom Folk Sampler LP was a 12in 33RPM Stereo LP released in 1971 by the Mushroom Records UK record label to showcase various musicians on their roster.

The sampler included the Liverpool Fishermen; Jon Betmead; Heather, Adrian, & John (Heather Smith, Adrian Bell, John MacDonald); and Mappa Tandi (Pat Ludford and Jim Kenealy). The track "Maid Of Fife" by the Liverpool Fishermen IS NOT on their other LP, Swallow the Anchor.

  • Recorded at: Chalk Farm Studios Limited, England, October 25, 1971
  • Catalogue #: 100 MR16
  • Matrix #s:
    • Side 1: 100 MR 16A
    • Side 2: 100 MR 16B


Side A

(Title - Composer - Artist)

  1. Dandelion Blues - Williamson - Jon Betmead
  2. Winding Boy - Morton - Jon Betmead
  3. Playboys & Playgirls - Dylan - Jon Betmead
  4. Woman Sweeter Than Man - Bosworth - Heather, Adrian & John
  5. Lark In The Morning - Trad.Arr.Smith - Heather, Adrian & John
  6. Seth Davy - Glymhaghas - Heather, Adrian & John

Side B

(Title - Composer - Artist)

  1. Yate's White's Blues - Jacques - Liverpool Fishermen
  2. The Ould Triangle - Behan - Liverpool Fishermen
  3. Maid Of Fife - Trad.Arr.Fishermen - Liverpool Fishermen
  4. Home Boys Home - Trad.Arr.Fishermen - Liverpool Fishermen
  5. Quar Bungle Rye - Trad.Arr.Mappa Tandi - Mappa Tandi
  6. Mrs. McGrath - Trad.Arr.Mappa Tandi - Mappa Tandi
  7. Hi Germany - Trad.Arr.Mappa Tandi - Mappa Tandi
  8. Spanish Lady - Trad.Arr.Mappa Tandi - Mappa Tandi

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