"The Play's the Thing"

Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
May 19, 2002
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Glenn Norman
Directed by
Luc Bihan


Official Synopsis

Martin and friends press on towards the sunset-- and Noonvale. Meanwhile at Marshank, the pirate Clogg is already planning to double-cross Badrang by refloating his ship to attack him. Druwp tries to reveal the cache of stolen weapons but is outwitted by Keyla, who is suspicious of Druwp and hid them elsewhere. Martin and his friends are delayed when one of them falls over a high cliff. The friend is rescued but the incident forces them to camp and no longer travel at night.

At camp, around a blazing fire, Clogg makes plans to rebuild his ship-- but is interrupted by Ballaw and the Players. Impressing him with magic 'tricks' they persuade him to allow them into Marshank to entertain Badrang. It is a bold and dangerous ruse to release Felldoh's father and the other slaves. Martin and friends meet the psychic mole Polleekin who tells them their companions are alive and also makes them a riddle map to guide them on their journey to Noonvale. But as they leave she warns them sadly that although they will see happiness they will also encounter much sadness-- the brave warriors have no idea what they are about to encounter.

Differences from Martin the Warrior

  • Pallum almost falls to her death; in the book, this scene doesn't happen.
  • When the four stay with Polleekin, she tells Rose the directions to Noonvale; in the book, this doesn't happen, until the next day.
  • Martin, Rose, Grumm, and Pallum leave the very next day; in the book, they stay for a little while longer.


  • Check out storyboards from the episode provided exclusively to the Redwall Wiki here.


Segments include:

  • "Polleekin"
  • "Pirate Food"
  • "Layout Department with Tony Tarantini"
Redwall TV Featurette The Play's the Thing04:23

Redwall TV Featurette The Play's the Thing

The Redwall TV Series, Season 3

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