The Wraith


Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Kisser
Death: Knocked off the side of Salamandastron after being hit by a 'rockcream' thrown by Porty, also accidentally stabbed himself with his own knife
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

The Wraith was a weasel who followed the horde of Swartt Sixclaw, and was discovered by Nightshade. He was skinny and undersized, and when the Wraith spoke he extended his 'R's. Wraith had no teeth, and carried a tiny poisoned stone knife. He had the ability to camouflage himself against any background, because of his mottled fur. However, he was not a very strong or powerful creature and relied on stealth.

The Wraith was hired by Swartt to assassinate Sunflash the Mace in exchange for half of the pillagings. To demonstrate his deadly killing methods, Wraith slew Glimpy in front of Swartt.

Wraith actually climbed up the mountain of Salamandastron to get to Sunflash. However, when he leapt from underneath the window ledge to attack the unsuspecting occupants, two otter rockcreams (rocks covered with meadow cream) thrown by Porty at Folrig Streampaw and Ruddle Banksnout missed and hit the Wraith instead, sending him flying into space, causing him to accidentally tumble off of the side of Salamandastron to his death; during this debacle he also accidentally stabbed himself in the jaw with his own knife.