Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear
Death: Killed by Argulor
Appears: Mossflower

Thicktail was a stoat captain in the Thousand Eye Army. Along with Scratch, he was chosen by Raker to accompany Tsarmina when they were trying to recapture Martin the Warrior and Gonff the Mousethief. On a scouting mission, Captain Cludd ordered Thicktail to report to Tsarmina about Chibb. On his way back, he seemed very nervous about reporting Chibb to Tsarmina and was practicing what he would say to Tsarmina. Thicktail was being too noisy and was spotted and killed by the hungry eagle, Argulor.


  • Thicktail is described as being a stoat and a weasel.

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