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Mossflower Canty cover


Mattimeo Canty cover

Thomas Canty was an American Redwall paperback cover artist and the recipient of 2 World Fantasy Awards. He is primarily a fantasy book illustrator.

Born: 1952

Canty also illustrated the following:

  • Tam Lin (The Fairy Tale Series) (1992)
  • Briar Rose (1993)
  • Black Thorn, White Rose (1995)
  • The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighth Annual Collection (Year's Best Fantasy and Horror) (1995)
  • The Oak above the Kings (The Tales of Arthur, Vol 2 (1995)
  • Competitions (The Blending, Book 2) (1997)
  • Silver Birch, Blood Moon (1999)
  • The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection (Year's Best Fantasy and Horror) (1999)
  • Legends from the End of Time (Eternal Champion Series , Vol 13) (1999)
  • Black Heart, Ivory Bones (2000)
  • Deceptions : Book Two of The Blending Enthroned (Blending Enthroned, Bk 2 (2001)
  • White As Snow (Fairy Tales) (2001)
  • The Fall of The Kings (2002)
  • Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Edition (2003)
  • Swordspoint (2003)


  • World Fantasy Award 1986
  • World Fantasy Award 1990


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Canty has drawn covers for the following Redwall books:

Redwall (1990 US), Mossflower (1996 US), Mattimeo (1998 US), Mariel of Redwall (1999 US)

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