Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Whip, spear
Death: Killed with a spear by Flibber
Appears: The Sable Quean

Thwip was a big, fat male fox jailer for Vilaya in Althier. He and his mate Binta were in charge of the captured Dibbuns. He was so overweight, he had difficulty bowing to his ruler. He was known to be cruel and sadistic towards the prisoners, and was much hated for it. His mistreatment of the prisoners was such that at one point Vilaya herself threatened to punish him if he did not ease off, as she did not want her hostages killed. His primary weapon was a whip; this, according to Flandor, was how he got his name.

Thwip and his mate eventually deserted their post and ran off into Mossflower Woods along with two other guards, after an earthslide collapsed the prison cavern. They were tracked by Zwilt the Shade, but were never caught by the sable. The two foxes stumbled upon the feisty shrewmaid Flibber, who was one of their former captives. Flibber then killed Thwip with a makeshift spear.

Unlike most vermin couples, Binta and Thwip seemed to have some affection for each other, as the vixen mourned when her mate was slain.