Toobil Galedeep

Place of Origin:Green Isle
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Toobil Galedeep was a raucous male otterbabe of the outlaw otterclans on Green Isle. His father was Kolun, and his mother was Deedero. Toobil was one of the couples' ten offspring. He and his siblings helped to row Kolun's boat, the Rustynail. At the end of the novel, following the defeat of the Riggu Felis and the feral cat army, Toobil was the first one to see the return of the otterclans (along with the hares of the Long Patrol) to Holt Summerdell. He ran inside the cavern and shouted to Deedero, who promptly picked him up and stepped outside to see for herself.