Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Trattak was one of Swartt Sixclaw's longest serving soldiers, as he was a part of the small band Swartt led before taking over Bowfleg's horde. Trattak was the one who discovered Skarlath, setting in motion the chain of events that lead to Sunflash the Mace's escape and Swartt's death.

Trattak acted as a spy for Swartt, observing the horde and then reporting any incidents of disloyalty back to Swartt in secret. He also caused Wildag to be executed by reporting the ferret's plot to overthrow the warlord.

Trattak was never mentioned in Outcast of Redwall after the Wildag incident. Presumably he was slain in one of the many battles.