The Treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes was buried by the great wildcat somewhere in Kotir. After Kotir sunk into the lake, and Redwall Abbey was built over it, the treasure was located underneath the south wall.

The treasure was later discovered by Abbess Tansy, Friar Butty, Shad the Gatekeeper, Foremole Diggum, and Craklyn. Its location was indicated by a riddle carved by Verdauga in the walls of the northwest tower. It had been placed in a recess in a wall behind the carving of a wildcat biting a raven. However, when Tansy and her friends attempted to remove the carved stone covering, part of the wall collapsed and some of the treasure was buried among the rubble. As the five creatures tried to find their way back to the surface, they often used part of the treasure as tools.

The rescued treasure was eventually melted into medals of solid gold for the survivors of the Battle of the Ridge of a Thousand, wherein each medal was set with a gem. Redwallers received a ruby, waterhogs and otters a pearl, shrews a peridot and hares a bluejohn. Craklyn was appointed official keeper of the medals.

Known items in the treasure

  • A silver spearhead studded with peridots with a silk tunic
  • A gold platter
  • A dagger with a hilt crusted with pearl and bluejohn stones and a golden blade


The Treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes appears in The Long Patrol.

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