This article is about the mouse. If you are looking for the hare, see here.

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Trey was a Dibbun mouse, who lived at Redwall Abbey He was described as the Abbey's youngest mouse. He was playing the walls of the Abbey with Durby and Feegle and saw their fall from the ramparts. Trey was frightened and he went back in the Abbey, although it took a long time until he mustered up the courage to tell Mhera.

Trey was later picking and eating strawberries in the orchard and found one of the green cloths. He gave it to Mhera, but didn't know who put it there when she asked him if he knew. At one point Trey climbed up Filorn and fell into a trifle, where he was rescued by Friar Bobb. In a bragging contest with Nimbalo the Slayer and Boorab the Fool, Trey embellished the facts, claiming to have eaten his way out of it.