Triggut Frap

Triggut Frap

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Ash-wood stave, dagger
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Triggut Frap was an old mentally disturbed male hedgehog who lived on an island in the middle of some watermeadows. He was known to be very ugly and smelly, with only one good eye and half of his spikes missing.

After Tura, Midda and the other young ones escaped from Althier and the Ravagers through a tunnel, they stumbled upon Triggut, who led them to his home on the pretense that he was going to help them return to Redwall Abbey. To their dismay, the crazed hedgehog kept them all prisoners on his island, and forced them to build a house for him. To make sure that they wouldn't try to escape, he held the mousebabe Diggla hostage, threatening to feed the Dibbun to the pike that surrounded his island. On one occasion Tura tried to free Diggla, and she found that Triggut was guarded by a group of toads. The young ones began to hate the cruel old hermit and they sought some way of escape and revenge. This came in the form of Ambrevina Rockflash and Diggs, and the two warriors rescued the young captives by fighting their way through the pike stream and threatening Triggut. The crazy hedgehog surrendered to them and they tied him and hoisted him up into a tree, where he was left dangling as his former prisoners escaped. Triggut's former captives escaped in his boat.

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