Place of Origin:North Shores
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Trimp was a female hedgehog whose family came from the same community on the northern shores as Luke and Martin the Warrior. She lived with her grandmother until she left to rove the lands. Later, she arrived in Mossflower Woods and came to the construction site of Redwall Abbey. There, she gave a clue to Martin's past that set him out on a quest to discover his history and accompanied him.

Along the way, Trimp befriended the squirrelbabe Chugger, after she helped Martin and the others rescue him from the Flitchaye Raiders--though she was often exasperated at Chugger's unruly behavior. Trimp greatly admired the bravery of Martin, Gonff, and the others, and she was instrumental in gaining the Honeysuckle from Sholabar's band.

After learning the story of Luke and returning to Redwall, Trimp became an adopted member of Gonff's family.

Not to be confused with Trimp.