Tungro's Holt was an otter holt located at the fork of streams between the Northfork Stream and River Moss. The holt was an enlarged and comfortable bank cave filled with beautiful carved furniture. The tribe of otter was headed by Tungro.

The otters of Tungro's holt encountered Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief and their companions while trying to find Folgrim, Tungro's estranged brother. Martin and his friends helped Tungro and took along Folgrim on their quest to find the truth about Luke the Warrior.

Later when the Warrior and his friends returned from their journey, Tungro's tribe greeted them warmly and welcomed Folgrim back into the holt.

The tribe of the holt was made of skilled craftsbeasts who made beautiful furniture for Redwall Abbey and a footstool for Furmo's wife. Folgrim later lived permanently at the Abbey with Skipper Warthorn.

Known Holt Members


Tungro's Holt appears in The Legend of Luke.

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