Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Tura was a young squirrel captured by Vilaya and her Ravagers. She was one of the oldest captured, and had good common sense for her age. She often helped to take care of younger beasts, who had a rougher time of it in the prison - the jailers Thwip and Binta made a note of this, and put her in charge of three weakened squirrelbabes when Vilaya threatened to kill her jailers if any captives died in their custody.

Tura went along with Flandor and Flib when they planned an escape for the young ones. The plan involved digging a tunnel in the soft dirt wall of the prison cave; while Flib and two molebabes did this, Tura and the others kept watch for signs of the jailers coming back.

When the tunnel collapsed in on Flib, and Flandor was slain by Vilaya, Tura and Midda became the new ringleaders of the group of young ones. The two female beasts' personalities were often at odds, and they argued several times - however, they worked together well enough to formulate a new escape plan once Diggla found a crack in the wall of their new prison cave. Tura was the first to explore the crack - she discovered a cave system on the other side, which they all fled into to escape Vilaya. Along the journey, she helped to carry Calla and Urfa when they could not keep up with the rest.

The young ones managed to get through the caverns, but found themselves enslaved by Triggut Frap, who tricked them into swearing themselves into his service and imprisoned them. Forced to either build the mad hog a house or watch him feed Diggla to the pike, Tura pretended to know all about construction to buy the others some time. Late that night, she tried to sneak up on Triggut and free Diggla from his clutches, but was set upon by the hog's army of toads and sent back, bound and stunned, to her companions.

When Ambrevina Rockflash and Diggs defeated Triggut and took the young ones away from the island, Tura went with them. She stayed with the babes at Mumzy's house while the two warriors went to fight the Ravagers, later going to Redwall Abbey to live when Diggs came back for them after the war was over.

Not to be confused with Thura.