Twoggs Wiltud

Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Fell down the cellar stairs of Redwall Abbey
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Twoggs Wiltud was an ancient, beggared hogwife who wandered alone through Mossflower Woods, and a possible distant relation of Pinny, Uggo, and Drogbuk Wiltud. She was a bit of a glutton, like all the Wiltuds.

After she received a vision of Martin the Warrior telling her to warn Redwall Abbey of the approach of Razzid Wearat's crew, Twoggs made her way to the Abbey. True to her Wiltud nature, she would not impart her message until she had been wined and dined by the Redwallers. She complained about the ale served with her meal, asking for something sweeter; wanting to please a guest, Friar Wopple led Twoggs towards the cellars to let her pick out her own beverage.

Unfortunately, Twoggs' greed proved to be her undoing; as she pushed past Friar Wopple in a rush to get to the cellars, she stumbled and went headlong down the staircase, crashing into the closed cellar door. The concussion was fatal; however, shortly before she died, Twoggs regained consciousness long enough to tell Abbot Thibb the message imparted to her by the spirit of Martin.