Production #
Original U.S. Airdate
April 16, 2001
Original Canadian Airdate
Running time
Written by
Glen Norman
Directed by
Raymond Jafelice


Official Synopsis

As Matthias is lost deep in Asmodeus' caverns, Cluny digs his way under Redwall, taking advantage of the exhausted Redwallers and the absence of Matthias. After a terrifying river adventure, Matthias returns with the shrews to defend Redwall-- but not before he is almost trapped by Cluny and only just saved by Cornflower. Cluny flees at the sight of Martin the Warrior's "ghost" while Matthias at last gets to wear his hero's armor.


During the day, Killconey explains that Matthias just went on a suicide mission to retrieve the Sword of Martin. In the lair of Asmodeus, Matthias and Log-a-Log with the Guosim get lost in the maze of tunnels. Meanwhile at Cluny's camp, Warbeak spies on them, to see that they have created an army of woodlanders, that are forced to fight for Cluny. At Redwall, Sam Squirrel tells Cornflower that the attic is the best way to spot Matthias.

Matthias and Log-a-Log venture further into the caves; Matthias gets angry and hacks and slashes his way out of the tunnels. Outside, Matthias visits Gingivere and he wins his wager with Captain Snow, and Snow promises he will never eat another mice or shrew ever again. Snow and Gingivere make amends; a shrewbabe tells Matthias the shortcut back to Redwall.

In Redwall's attic, Cornflower and Sam discover Martin's armor. They see Cluny and Matthias both marching to Redwall. As Cluny prepares to assault Redwall, he sees the suit of armor, which triggers him to hallucinate and retreat. Matthias makes a speech that he will defeat Cluny once and for all.

Differences from Redwall

  • In the book, the way that Matthias and Log-a-Log escaped the tunnels was not mentioned.
  • A little shrewbabe promises to show Matthias a cut-off to Redwall Abbey, though the scene (as well as the entire river scenes) isn't in the book.
  • In the book, Martin's armor was already found in his tomb, and thus the scene of Cornflower discovering it in the attic and scaring off Cluny was not present.
  • Silent Sam had a larger role in the book, but in the series appeared only in this episode.
  • In the book, Matthias didn't return to Redwall until after Cluny had conquered it.


  • The shrew who told Warbeak to "stay and guard the entrance" is strangely absent.


Segments include:

Redwall TV Featurette Underground03:31

Redwall TV Featurette Underground

The Redwall TV Series, Season 1

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