Ungatt Trunn


Place of Origin:Northern Highlands
Weapon: Trident, cutlass
Death: Crippled by Lord Brocktree and washed out to sea by Groddil
Appears: Lord Brocktree

Ungatt Trunn was the notorious wildcat warlord of the Blue Hordes, son of King Mortspear, elder brother of Verdauga Greeneyes, and uncle of Tsarmina and Gingivere Greeneyes. Trunn's list of titles included: "Ruler of the Earth," "The Fearsome Beast," and "The Earth Shaker," but any title saying his father's name was rejected, as seen when Grand Fragorl mentioned him being "The Son of King Mortspear." His weapons of choice were a trident and a cutlass.

Trunn derived a great deal of his knowledge from spiders, or so he said. His leadership style hardly reflected that, with capricious promotions and almost paranoid executions. However, he was a cunning and skillful commander, amongst the few attackers ever to breach the mountain fortress of Salamandastron, and the only one to actually conquer it. He was also a skilled fighter, being one of the few villains that was able to fight a badger on even terms.

In battle, he used sheer numbers--and intimidation derived thereof--as his most powerful weapon. His most trusted associates were the Grand Fragorl, High Magician Groddil, Captain in Chief Karangool and later Captain Ripfang. He called any creature that wasn't in his hordes "lesser orders" and announced himself better than them. His hordes fought in a zealot-like style, hurling themselves at their enemies regardless of their own lives.

Ungatt trunn

Ungatt Trunn

Trunn was one of the few warlords to actually enter Salamandastron and occupy it for a period of time. He was defeated in battle by Lord Brocktree, who crippled the wildcat by snapping his spine, and tossed him into the sea. He later washed up on shore some distance away, where Groddil was sitting. He begged Groddil to save him, but Groddil—-perhaps in retribution for Trunn killing his family in the past or for throwing him in the cellars of Salamandastron—-allowed the wildcat to be washed out to sea, where he drowned.