Note: This article is about the hare. If you are looking for the shrew, see Urfa Westbrook.


Place of Origin:Farm near Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

"Calla and Urfa are dear little babes. They will grow into fine leverets."

-Extract from a letter sent to Brang Forgefire by Abbess Marjoram

Urfa was a baby hare, the daughter of Clarinna and Clerun Kordyne, the twin sister of Calla, the niece of Buckler Kordyne, the granddaughter of Adarin Kordyne and Major Doughty, and the great-granddaughter of Feryn Kordyne.

She and her brother Calla were taken from their farm by Ravagers after Zwilt the Shade killed her father and wounded her mother. The hares were taken to Althier, where they were imprisoned with the rest of the babes. She was very young when she was kidnapped, and could hardly walk, which slowed the other young ones down during their escape. After escaping, Urfa was placed in the care of Mumzy until it was safe for her and her brother to live at Redwall Abbey with her mother.