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June 27, 2012
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I have been a fan of Redwall for almost two years, and I am very excited to have finally joined the wiki. I have just completed reading all the books, and now I am re-reading them, working on fan fiction, and collecting books.

Here is a list of the books I own.

Lord Brocktree

Martin the Warrior


TheLegend of Luke

The Outcast of Redwall

Mariel of Redwall

The Bellmaker


Redwall (I think it may be permanently lost, I'm not sure)


Pearls of Lutra

The Long Patrol




High Rhulain

I am currently writing four fanfics: The Bearer of the Greenwood Sword, Dirk, Holt Wavecrest and The Cave. It will probably take a while to get them all on the wiki.

--Juniper Wavecrest Eulaliaaa!!!! 17:17, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

Hi! Lilian Darkpaw here.I've been reading Redwall since August, 2011, and am thrilled to be on the wiki at last. Thanks to Juniper, of course(I don't have my own email). Any way, I guess I shall tell you a bit about meself.

A Wee Bit of Info

I have all the Redwall books beside The Sable Quean, Doomwyte and The Rogue Crew. I enjoy reading, biking, and writing fanfiction. I am also writing my own book, which I hope to have done by 2013. I love to draw, but haven't figured out how to put my drawings on the wiki yet.

The Foeseeker's Daughter!

That is meself, Lilian Darkpaw. I was not enslaved by Vilu Daskar, and in my search for me mother, I came upon Redwall Abbey...

My Fanfics

Kyso: A Galedeep's Tale

The Legend of Thrugg the Strong and Arrowtail


Favorite Book: The Long Patrol

Favorite Hares: Bucko Bigbones, Sabretache, Colonel Clary, Rockjaw Grang, Major Perigord, Brigadier Crumshaw, Cuthbert Frunk, and Buckler Kordyne

Favorite Otters: Mask, Finnbarr Galedeep, Rab Streambattle, Kroova, Leatho Shellhound, Kolun Galedeep, Zaran, Flandor, and Swiffo.

Favorite Squirrels: Felldoh, Russa Nodrey, Rakkety Tam, Doogy Plumm, and Rangval

Favorite Shrew: Dippler

Favorite Mice: Martin, Laterose, and Luke.

Favorite Book Other Than Redwall: Richard Adams' Watership Down!

Favorite Things To Do: Read and write fanfiction, draw, bike.

Lord Brocktree

What ho, Gramps, nice time to drop in for a visit, wot? -Southpaw (or Bobweave)

I say, d’you mind if I call you Brockers? -Dotti

Isn’t he clever? He know his own name. I must have taken him simply ages to learn it, wot? -Dotti

Held the tunnel... They never passed... Lots o’ weapons for you, my friend... Odd though... Don’t feel a bit hungry. Jolly cold, wot! -Fleetscut

Stan’ ee asoide, miz, lest ee get you’m dress mussed! -Gurth

The Bellmaker

Puddens nice. Figgs wants some! -Figgs

Well, cheerio, Glugabag! -Hon Rosie

Outbloominrageous! -Meldrum the Magnificent

Garroooaaarrreeerrrgghh! -Rufe Brush

Me first! You two are so fat you’d burst the swing! -Joseph the Bellmaker

Thankee, shipmate. Now stop ‘ere with me awhile until I leave yer t’go on me last good journey. -Finnbarr Galedeep’s last words

She’s mine, friend, nothing escapes and otter in the water! -Rab Streambattle

Told you I’d look after you, didn’t I, mate? -Fatch’s last words

Rab!Rab Streambattle! It’s me! Iris! -Iris Streambattle

Daughter! Father! Dandin! Sir! -Joseph the Bellmaker, Dandin and Mariel Gullwhacker

Secret castle into cave - I mean secret cave into castle! Put me down! I’ll show you! -Egburt the Scholar

Ho say ee’m can stay yurr, zurr; Oi’ll mind ‘im. -Furrtil

Fool! Aye, yer right, Cap’n, I was a fool, and oaf, and idiot, an’ all the other names you called me. That’s cos I took up with you,Cap’n. Yore bad right through, you’ll never change, that’s why I gotta do this. Sorry, Cap’n! -Blaggut

Trust a mole; that’s what I always say, too. Even if the blinkin’ creature spouts like a library scroll, wot! -Meldrum

An acorn for your thoughts, Father? -Brother Fingle

Phtoo! Sea otter whiskers, yukk, tough an’ salty! -Wincey

Joseph, what ails yer, matey? Don’t stan’ there grinnin’ like a witless woodypecker; lend a paw here an’ quick! -Finnbarr

Weems like your luck is back, Finn, you old wavedog. Shrimp stew for supper, and you’ve found Roaringburn again. -Joseph

Thrimps? Lack a day, tucker gone, Figgs wants thrimps! -Figgs

I couldn’t eat them, their nice creatures! -Benjy

Hmm, Foremole might taste all right, of maybe one of the shrews- Logalog, he’s fat enough! -Rufe

Figgs wants pudden, Rosie, more pudden! -Figgs

Can’t leave the brave mousey there on her own to be winked out and slain by those foul creatures, can we? -Meldrum

Now I know where Mariel is -in the gatehouse! There’s only one warrior maid could’ve pulled a trick like that. Haha, escaping’s not good enough for that one; she’s got to capture the drawbridge as well! -Dandin

Eddication’s a great thing, Cap’n. ‘Ow do they put the liddle bubbles in the grog? -Balggut

Never t’mention wot? Tell me! -Slipp

Twennyfifty, sixfortyeight, two again, leventytwelve... -Mousebabe

Hure ee liver be gripped when ee lights be out an’ ee secret breathin’ of anybeasters to ‘elp ee! -Furrtil


Er, aha ha. Hello, mateys. I was flying my cloud you see... -Gonff

Stop squeezing my paw to bits and I’ll tell you. -Gonff

Sorry, matey. I haven’t got milk and oatcakes. Would cheese and elderberry wine do for you? -Gonff

Ho my, yes. Ferdy and Coggs are two of the strongest. Why, you wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw these two agatherin’ up all those great havy dishes and washin’ pots. There’s no two hogs more powerful. -Goody Stickle.

Where in the name of fur has that little thief got to? -Amber

Bless yer life, matey, he’s fine. Little thief, stealin’ our riverwater like that. Here, he’s comin’ round now. -Root

Root, you great clodhopping water monster, I’m sure you took the long way around to get here. Have I coughed all the water back? Yik! Ibet I lowered the river a foot or two. Oh, hello Martin, How d’you like Camp Willow? -Gonff


I tripped on my abbot, Father Habit! -Matthias

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