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September 11, 2012
  • Anyways, JOIN THE VULPINE IMPERIUM! ENLIST IN THE IMPERIAL NAVY TODAY!*puts up recruitment poster*

A RP site for a vermin empire ruled by a mostly benevolent Emperor, the Vulpine Imperium takes place in a universe much like Redwall and has an extremely long history. After a recent period of slight inactivity, the VI has been regaining a lot of old members, and is now quite active. The perfect opportunity for YOU, the person who happens to be viewing this post, to join!


If you're looking for Roleplay action and adventure with a great, very welcoming OOC community, This is the place for you. We are currently going through a civil war, and are about to enter a war with the nation of Felmar.


To access the site and sign up, just look up "vulpine imperium" on google, and click the first link.


This is Laflen Kenway, Aide-de-Camp of the Blackship, and I hope to see you there!

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