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    The Poisonteeth

    March 8, 2012 by Abbot-Bernard

    Note: This is a story collab by me (Abbot-Bernard) and Salem the Cruel.

    The Abbot's anniversary, or as Basil Stag Hare put it, a Regimental Reunion Dinner, was well under way. The crisp autumn wind whispered outside as all the Redwallers and Mossflower creature were snuggled deep inside Great Hall. The festivities had already begun.

    Basil Stag Hare, in his usual gluttonous manner, was "scoffing", as he put it, bilberry tarts down his throat. The hare was seated next to Captain Snow, a towering owl from the fringes of Mossflower Woods.

    "How... mmhff... you doin'... hhmmf... Cap'n. Wot... mmmhff... wot!" Basil called through his always crowded mouth.

    "Very well, thank you... mmmm! This pie is superb! What do you call it again?" Captain Snow …

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  • Abbot-Bernard

    The Imposter's Tale

    December 20, 2011 by Abbot-Bernard

    Deep within the jungles of the far west, Sarlatan, a young fox wandered freely. Without a care in world, he stopped to pick up a flower, it was a little rose.

    "Wow," he said to himself calmly, "I've ne'er seen a rose b'fore, there suppos'd t' be very rare..."
    Sarlatan, by Scotty

    About half a season ago, Sarlatan had gone down to the coast and sighted a ship. Sarlatan had sneaked up by it and had heard that rose's were very rare.

    "' valuable." came a slightly hoarse voice from a nearby banyan tree.

    Sarlatan whirled around, and what he saw stunned him. It was a incredibly hideous rat, tall too. He wore hardly any clothing, just a torn and tattered garment with multiple rips and tears. Completely unlike the fox, who was wearing a mossle…

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  • Abbot-Bernard

    Hermit of Mossflower

    December 10, 2011 by Abbot-Bernard

    Glenin had just returned from his half-season visit at Redwall, and already he was exhausted with all the questions that the little ones were poking him with.

    "Oh, what did you see, Sir Glenin," one little hare asked.

    "Too many things to say about in one day, but I do have something to tell you," Glenin replied quietly.

    Despite his soft words, it was clearly heard, immediately all the little hares stopped what they were doing and gathered around Glenin.

    "What, what do you need to tell us?" a young hare named Jenb questioned.

    The elder hare's voice was quick and quiet, "A story,"

    Just then all other activity ceased in Salamandastron and in a twinkling every creature had taken a sit by Glenin. Everybeasts from the youngest harebabes to the oldest…

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  • Abbot-Bernard

    Dominic of the Pond

    November 14, 2011 by Abbot-Bernard

    As Dominic, an intelligent young mouse, sat at the bank of the Redwall Pond, he muttered to himself.

    "I sure do wish that my parents were around to see what kind of person I've Abbey-mouse I've become."

    He recalled his parent's tragic death, his father, Raldoll, a close friend of the Recorder Fottlink and his mother, Emersalda, or Salda for short and a much trusted friend of Sister Fisk, they went into Mossflower Woods looking for some hotroot for Friar Wopple and then they were killed by Razzid Wearat, but of course Dominic was but a little Dibbun, then.

    Just then Abbot Phribb, came walking by in his oak-colored robe, his face, like always, was a plate of pure cheerfulness and a joyous spirit.

    "Top of the morning to you, me old laddie-chap. O…

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  • Abbot-Bernard

    Abbot Phribb was just about to sit on a nearby stool-stump, next to Friar Bernnarkenburn when the mole Dibbun, Gruggo, or Grugg for short, came running to the Abbot, looking scared to death, and being followed by a mud-covered Brother Relligent.

    "Favva Fribb, Favva Fribb. Brovver Relleejint be chasin' oi, loik some mad beastie." the Dibbun said.

    The Abbot gave the Brother a wink and said, "Oh, Brother Relligent, I'm ashamed of you, chasing this young Dibbun around like a mad beast."

    Brother Relligent smiled apologetically and said, "Yes, Abbot. It won't happen again, but he..." the Brother was cut short by the Abbot.

    "Hold it, Brother. Now, tell me exactly what he did."

    The Brother recalled the story, "Brother Nhollan sent me to get Grugg and…

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