• AhuntressNamedMara

    Alright, this is my fanfic called 'The Urleaha' and that's 'YUR- lee- uh' btw. Mainly, its about Mara and her past to the present. Enjoy! O, and I could use some tips if you have time. :D


    "There is a legend, children that has been passed down for centuries. It is told by elders to leaders, leaders to followes, brothers to sisters, and mothers to children. Everybeast knows the tale, and it is told a bit different every time. Are you all ready?" The old, blind female otter looked at each of the children's faces. Their eyes were wide in wonder and filled with excitement. Each of them nodded ,and soon the small cave was filled with silence as everybeast held their breath and waited. As the otter spoke, her voice became deeper and more p…

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