• Ailavyn Siniyash

    This will be my second fan fiction and has absolutely nothing to do with Noonvale. I probably won't be updating it much until I finish that first story anyways, but you never know. For you impatient people, here's a summary:

    Holt Lutra has been abandoned for countless seasons now, deserted. But nobeast knows that along with the Pearls, the holt also guarded something else: the spark that keeps light, the spark of day. It has burned since the holt was destroyed, but now, finally, this secret source of all light is being threatened. For a warlord wants to bring night for all eternity! The only way to stop him is for descendants of the original holt-members to leave their homes and resettle Holt Lutra to guard the spark. For the Holt of Pearls…

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  • Ailavyn Siniyash


    November 22, 2011 by Ailavyn Siniyash

    Feel free to help me with molespeech, harespeech, vermin accents, etc. This is my first fan fiction.

    I believe I'll dedicate this to my past and present pet rats, Curiosity, Cream, Butterscotch, and Pepper (luv ya, my crazies!), to Brian Jaques, for writing such awesome books, and to users SalemtheCruel and ScottyBlue, for being very welcoming and friendly to me (and for having amazing fan fiction).

    Lord Russano the Wise of Salamandastron was surrounded by more than twoscore Dibbuns. It was their bedtime and they wanted the kind Badger Lord to tell them a story. The mob was mainly composed of leverets, but it also included his young daughter Melanius and some visiting hedgehog babes.

    Russano sighed, and said exasperatedly, "Couldn't you get s…

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