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    Thank you for reading 'The Forbidden Tales'. Chapter 11 is now online and ready for your reading pleasure. This is my first ever fanfiction story so please don't hesitate to criticize or correct me. And most of all enjoy the story. I'm trying my best to update the story as often as possible, and hopefully I can output Chapter 12 by next week. Enjoy!

    Chapter 12 is already in the works and follows Burge and his Airboat. Check back for the mid-week preview and final post later this week

    • --Akash.B 03:54, June 30, 2011 (UTC)


    It was a moonless and stormy night in the vast land of Mossflower. Lightning pierced the sky and threatened to strike earth with all its fury. Rain pelted down with a barbaric force, flattening everything in its path. In this …

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