• AmaidenNamedThymaria

    Kay am I doing this right? This is like my first story ever posted on the Internet so PLEASE no flames! If it really stinks I'm sorry. Comments are welcome!! I'm writing it in first person btw. Also I want to thank Bluestripe the Wild and Redmight for telling me how to make my fanic worth reading! Thanks guys :)

    My name is Thymaria, and I am a young squirrel maiden from an Island called Variliah. My father, Jod, who was once Variliah's best fighter had told me my mother had died when I was born, so I don't remember anything about her. Jod died when I was just a little one. Everyone that knew my mother always said I was like her, but more beautiful. I had her dark brown fur that was as smooth as silk. I also inherited her big, dark emerald co…

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