• Andrew the Dark


    March 23, 2009 by Andrew the Dark

    The trees gave a bloom of green under the bright summer sun, the grass swayed from the gentle breeze, with some bees flying around for nectar from the flowers of many different colors laid in rows in the field. Over half a league down south, Redwall Abbey towered, its guards patrolling each perimeter thoroughly. Abbot Yungomia, a middle-aged mouse wearing a brown habit, walked out of the room bearing the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Skipper, a tall otter with a blue vest, walked from the east hall. “Mornin’ mate!” he gave a cheerful greeting. “Morning to you too Skipper” the Abbot smiled. “How’s that leg doing?” “Should be fine in a couple’a days at least” he inspected his leg, which had a bandage-wrapping just above his foot paw. “Read…

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